The Science behind 11:11


Basically I believe, as Elon Musk, that the Universe is a simulation in a computer. The most obvious proof of this is repeating digits. Throughout the day I am more likely to look at the clock at certain times. Generally it is 11:11 and numbers of people I know. Basically if you keep seeing 11:11 that means you are on the right path and the Universe is guiding you. If you keep seeing someone’s date of birth that means that person is thinking about you. Now when I tell psychiatrists this they find that it is a delusion and sign of schizophrenia. By the way, the Bible and Quran says that God shows signs to believers and guides believers. The Bible and Quran also talks about God being responsible for revenge, angels, curses and magic. Psychiatry conflicts with what Jesus, Muhammad, Moses, Bible and Quran say. Now this magic I find doesn’t just apply to clock times, but also to license plates, ID numbers, randomly generated numbers, account numbers, phone numbers, many things. An example, I got a phone here in India and the last 4 digits are my dad and sister’s birthdays. The chance of that is rare, 1 in 10,000.

Anyways I will explain this from a statistical perspective. There are 720 possible times in a clock during the day on a minute basis. Lets say for instance you look at the clock 720 times a week. If you see a number like 11:11 2 times a week and do this for 2 years the chances of that is 1 in 2^104. That is a very high number. If you do it for say instance 10 year as I have been the number goes beyond all the subatomic particles in the Visible Universe. Now I experience magic on more than just 11:11. The numbers that I see the most often are 3:26(Larry Page), 5:14(Mark Zuckerberg), 10:28(Bill Gates), 8:30(Warren Buffett), 1:29(Joanna Ghosh), 8:08(Amy Ghosh), 6:12(Tarun Ghosh), 6:28(Elon Musk), 8:15(Melinda French), 4:26(Jenn Gates), 9:12(Phoebe Gates), 1:12(Jeff Bezos), 3:09(Nivedita Chakrabarti) and 10:22(Ritika Dutta).

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