Markets exhausting supply


I am going to have to start off with my comments about the Russia-Ukraine situation. Putin, Biden and all of the major global leaders are all Rothschild agents. The Rothschilds are headed by the Devil. The Devil has been watching me since I was 13. This Russia-Ukraine situation is to corner global bond, stock, commodity and currency markets. The Rothschilds stand to make tens of trillions of dollars from this situation. Putin and Biden both take their instructions from the Devil. All of the countries are under the influence of the Devil except for Iran, Syria and North Korea. Right now stock market sentiment is at 6 year lows, the lowest since early 2016. If you look at markets since then they have rocketed. Now is the best time to buy markets in years. The Rothschilds have been accumulating shares at a massive pace.

The purpose of the Ukraine situation is to create a selling climax. A buying opportunity for smart money or strong hands. Dumb money or retail money dumps their holdings at a cheap rate. A similar event happened at 9/11. The Rothschilds made tens of trillions of dollars off the September 11th, 2001 attacks. Another purpose of 9/11 was also to get more support for Israel and Jews. Also to get hatred of Islam and pave the way for removing freedoms in global governments. Beyond that, the war on terror was financed by the Rothschilds and Rothschild central banks were opened in Muslim countries. About 10,000 FBI and CIA agents were involved in the September 11th attacks. All the billionaires, celebrities and politicians know the Rothschilds are behind it and had prior knowledge of the attacks.

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