San Mateo case market reactions


One thing I wanted to note was the reaction in global markets to my San Mateo case developments. The San Mateo case was filed on September 14, 2018. I was held for 600 days in detainment till May 6, 2020(10 year anniversary of flash crash). 2 days in jail, 218 days in a hospital and 380 days in rehab. Despite posting $100,000 bond and doctors clearing me for release, the judge refused to release me during the case. I was arraigned for 6 felonies on December 7, 2018 and global markets immediately went down 13% wiping out 8 trillion dollars of market capitalization. I pled guilty to one felony(under duress, pressure and torture) on February 27, 2020. Global markets went down 40% wiping out 27 trillion dollars of market capitalization. The crash after I pled guilty was the most rapid widespread stock market crash since 1929. I have the two events marked in the chart above. The first happy sign indicates when I was arraigned and the second happy sign indicates when I pled guilty. Right now my spirit is about quadrillion times these levels.

The second chart I want to show is Nasdaq 100 Triple ETF TQQQ for last 8 months. Note the record high volume surge at the lows the big red volume bar. That is stopping or selling climax volumes. The market keeps approaching that point on lower volumes. It has had so far 2 extra failed approaches on lower volumes. We are going for a third approach on even lower volumes. This shows lack of selling interest by professional money and absorption of supply. The market is being shaken out and going through accumulation. Soon the market will rocket higher and trap people out from going long with wide range bars.

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