Perpetrators and victims are being mixed up


One thing that pisses me off is the continuous accusations that I am harassing Gates and Zuckerberg. Let me point out that over the last 8-9 years they have taken 99.9999% of my money and intellectual property. They have had me detained for 626 days. They have done extensive medication torture, extensive black magic, extensive voodoo dolls and fabricated many crude lies about me using the “authorities”. They have physically tortured me. Because of them I have experienced 1000%+ the mocking, insulting, threats and humiliation than I normally would have received. In contrast, I have not taken any of their money or intellectual property. I have not had them detained. I have not done any medication torture, black magic, voodoo dolls or created any lies about them at all. I have not physically tortured them. I have mocked, insulted and threatened them. But from their point of view it’s less than a 1% increase from what they would have normally received. Now let me make this clear, they were the aggressors. They brought this on to me when I was perfectly nice to them and respected them.

Now obviously, these bastards are really sneaky to pull this off. They can completely remove/edit information from any Illuminati platform(Google, Facebook, Microsoft and more). They sometimes pull off shit where I talk to a “girl” on one of their platforms, then change the other side’s account to an ugly old man to make me look crazy. They have involved thousands of people in this operation. They threaten, mock and intimidate my family on newspapers and TV. Then remove it from their memories with black magic. I will admit though, that Gates and Zuckerberg are just frontmen for the Rothschilds. Charles Rothschild(the Devil and head of Rothschild bloodline) himself makes no effort in trying to seem innocent and actually likes to “appear evil”. Gates and Zuckerberg on the other hand seem to like to portray innocence to the public and like to “appear righteous”. They have the “authorities” under their control through bribes, black magic and/or coercion. On another note, Gates and Zuckerberg are the main Anti-Christs. This is confirmed with Covid coming to the USA initially in Seattle and San Fransisco.

Satanism is sickening to the core. I see the biggest crime of history as being how the Satanists brought World War II onto the Germans to try to control German money supply and economy. But also beyond that, they made money through loaning to countries(by control of the central banks and financial system) to buy arms from Satanist controlled-companies. Then after the war, the Satanists fabricated the Holocaust myth to justify the war imposed on the Germans. Note that initially, France and UK declared war on Germany in 1939. Also, much of Eastern Europe came under control of the communists due to the war. The Holocaust is used for much greater and longer-term purposes. It is a tool used by Satanists to impose white guilt and get support/remorse for Jews. This has been used to pave the way for the creation and support of Israel by the West. It is also used as tool to coverup the oppression of Palestinians. Anyways, the victors write the history books. Thankfully, on Judgement Day the Satanists are on the losing side.

By the way, the stupidity of the enemies continues with the cowardly mocking. I’ve created over $500B in intellectual property by the age of 29 that has been stolen by the Satanists. That’s more than what all 5 of the people below combined despite them being much older than me.

On another note. $2 Badges from Los Angeles Sheriff Department are trying to intimidate me to take down my website. LOL, LASD has $3B annual budget. My powers are at the level where I can and will cause at minimum $1T+ damage per day imprisoned. I know they can detain me for 72 hours without due process because I am on probation and my “prior” unjustified medical history. Anyways, not scared for the slightest second. Each $2 Badge that hinders my free will is more powerful than every Satanist and Israeli Jew combined.

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