The future is already set and known… by God…


It’s funny how my enemies keep blowing off resources and effort to do things that bring them more humiliation and suffering, sooner and with more certainty. Obviously everything they do is with the intent that it would work and bring them closer to the goal of making me give up my belief in God. But the last 8-9 years, 100,000+ things with 100% backfire rate and they don’t seem to get the point. They continue to insist that they always “win”. They’re familiar with scripture such as the Bible, Quran, Hadiths and talk of previous Prophets. They know that Judgement Day is guaranteed in scripture. They know that the victory of all Prophets over their enemies is guaranteed no matter how powerful their enemies. They know that nothing can change the destiny God sets for everyone and everything. They also know that this is confirmed from my astrological models along with numbers, dates, times and events taking place. 

It’s quite clear, the Satanists are delusional and can’t see reality properly. They were setup that way by God. God controls, knows and determines every action, thought and perception for every person before that person is even born. Yet, for some reason they are hell bent on defeating God. I regard the Satanic bloodlines as the circus. They want God’s paradise for them, by doing everything that guarantees hell-fire(the opposite of paradise). They treat God lovers like trash and hate God with a passion. They have the perception that they can extort God and God lovers. On the issue of predestination, the idea that everything for a person is determined before they are born, this is more popular in Islam than Christianity. Predestination actually violates the idea of free will, the concept that people can choose their future. The future is already determined. The idea of free will is a myth created to give the Satanists an idea they can win. Anyways, I will quote some Islamic text regarding predestination.

Ali narrated that one day the Messenger of Allah was sitting with a wooden stick in his hand with which he was scratching the ground. He raised his head and said, “There is none of you, but has his place assigned either in the Fire or in Paradise.” They (the Companions) inquired, “O Allah’s Messenger! Why should we carry on doing good deeds, shall we depend (upon Qadar) and give up work?” Muhammad said: “No, carry on doing good deeds, for everyone will find it easy (to do) such deeds that will lead him towards that for which he has been created.” Then he recited the verse: “As for him who gives (in charity) and keeps his duty to Allah and fears Him, and believes in al-Husna, We will make smooth for him the path of Ease (goodness) (Surah al-Lail 92:5-7). 

Belief in al-Qadar is based on four things

1 – العلم Al-‘Ilm – Knowledge: i.e., that Allah knows what had been, what will be, what has never been, and how it could be if it was. He also knows what his creation will do, by virtue of His eternal knowledge, including their choices that will take place.

2 – كتابة Kitabat – Writing: i.e., that Allah has written every thing that exists including the destiny of all creatures in al-Lauh al-Mahfuz prior to creation.

3 – مشيئة Mashii’at – Will: i.e., that what Allah wills happens and what He does not will does not happen. There is no movement in the heavens or on earth but happens by His will. This does not mean that He forces things to happen the way they happen in the area of human beings’ voluntary actions. It means that He knew what they will choose, wrote it and now lets it happen.

4 – الخلق Al-Khalq – Creation and formation: i.e., that Allah is the Creator of all things, including the actions of His servants. They do their actions in a real sense, and Allah is the Creator of them and of their actions.

Stages of Taqdeer (fate)

There are five stages where Qadar is determined and prescribed/sent to creation:

1 The Decree of Allah that is written in Al-Lawh Al-Mahfuud before the creation of the universe. This destiny written in the preserved tablet is never changed and encompasses everything that will be.

2 Allah made a divine decree after the creation of Adam. Allah took out all of the progeny of Adam (i.e. all of the humans from the beginning of time until the end of time), and asked them “Am I not your Lord?” and all of the humans responded “We testify that You are our Lord!” Then Allah decreed to them who shall go to paradise and who shall go to hell.

3 The Life-time decree. This occurs when a person is in the womb of their mother, specifically 120 days after conception. Allah sends an angel to put a soul into the person, and the angel writes down the decree that Allah has made; their life-span, their actions, their sustenance (how much they will earn throughout their lifetime) and whether they will be a dweller of paradise or a dweller of hell.[17]

4 The yearly decree. This is during the Night of Qadr (Night of Decree) where Allah sends down his decrees from heaven to earth, in it he destines the actions (deeds, sustenance, births, deaths, etc.) of creation for the next year. The word Qadar should not be confused with Qadr; Qadar is destiny, Qadr is that which has been destined, i.e. decree, thus the translation – Night of Decree.

5 The Daily Decree. Allah decrees the daily actions of his creation.

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