Statistical outlier events


I always think about how I look at the clock when it turns 11:11. It is very magical when you understand the math behind it. The probability of looking at 11:11 1% of the time over 10 years is about 1 in 700 orders. To give an idea, I estimate the chances of a district attorney suddenly dying of a heart attack or aneurysm when arguing against me at 1 in 7 orders. Imagine if 100 district attorneys kept dying each time they were arguing against me in court. Judgement Day is the ultimate outlier event. In the Hour of Judgement, the value for each human is beyond the earth weight in gold. Roughly, that means in Hour of Judgement, above 10^40 dollars of activity is being done. Currently global economic production is 10^14 dollars annually. So think of cramming 10^26 years of economic activity into a hour. The most extreme outlier major event we have seen so far is the SNB euro-swiss cap removal. The swiss franc moved 3 years of price changes in 15 minutes.

My enemies keep making fun of me for calling Judgement Day wrong 30 times so far. But they are doing 10 million things with a 100% backfire rate every day. Judgement Day is an ultimate outlier event. Every second they keep calling coin flips wrong. Anyways, it can happen at any moment in time as of now. It will catch practically everyone by surprise.

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