The cowards are running away…


Bill Gates had me tortured and imprisoned for 3 years over verbal violations. The intent of the imprisonment was to crash my spirit. Instead my spirit rapidly accelerated to infinity because I started praying 200 times more after being arrested. In response to the case I ordered the release of the coronavirus and numerous surges. Furthermore, I aged wicked people over quadrillion dollars extra. Not only that, the people he used for the cases implied his involvement quadrillion to one. He is now hiring tons of people to convince me he was never involved. Anyways I am the luckiest person ever born. Bill Gates is the unluckiest person ever born. Greater the pride, greater the fall. Any moment before I turn 34 aliens will turn hostile and enforce my rule as King of the World forever. Bill Gates will get eternal torment and suffering along with 99%+ of people.

From seeing the Cafe Racer massacre I knew I would be able to strike back on Bill Gates at least 20 times harder. From seeing the Innocence of Muslims reaction I knew I would be able to strike back at least 1,000 times harder. From seeing Hurricane Harvey I knew I would be able to strike back at least 10 million times harder. From seeing Coronavirus I knew I would be able to strike back at least 200 million times harder. Amelia Diedrich and Aaron French taught me to always play hardball. Hell is infinite torment and suffering.

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