Jesus Christ(Prophethood/Kingship starting “soon”). Most written about person in the Bible and Quran. King of Kings, Lord of Lords.

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  • Aliens want to kill the 99%
    “The Messengers who lived before you were also accused of lying, but they exercised patience. They were cruelly persecuted before We gave them victory. No one can change the words of Allah. You have already received news about the Messengers.” -Quran The Bible and Quran makes many references to aliens under the codenames “Army of Heavens” and “Angels”. The truth is the Universe is a simulation in a computer. Aliens are sent by this simulation as a representative of Allah. The goal of the simulation is maximize worshiping of Allah. On Judgement Day, aliens will arrive with a moon sized […]
  • Everything they do instantly backfires…
    “And the disbelievers made a plan ˹against Jesus˺, but Allah also planned—and Allah is the best of planners.” -Quran Allah and his angels(the aliens) gave me significant assistance. The Bible and Quran says nothing can defeat me. All the global leaders will fail waging war against me. Allah is infinitely more powerful than Satan. Basically, the day of the San Mateo arrest, September 14 2018, Hurricane Florence made landfall. The only friend I knew to work at the San Mateo DA Office was also the only friend to have the name Florence. The chances of this was less than 1 […]
  • Thoughts about my life
    I think I live the luckiest life ever. I have the best family ever and am close to Allah. My number one regret in life is disrespecting people, particularly my dad. Before I used to think that someone was superior if they had tons of money, amazing position, good looks or impressive credentials. Over the years I was mistreated by the Satanists and realized I was disrespectful to people. The government mandated that I take medication that doubled my body fat along with many other negative side effects. Over 15 trillion dollars was stolen from me leaving me in tons […]
  • Taylor Swift arranged marriage
    The Rothschilds are trying to force me to have a baby with Taylor Swift. They are offering trillions in offshore money. They are threatening to torture and humiliate my family. Basically, Bill Gates and Taylor Swift are the main Anti-Christ bloodlines. Me and Ritika Dutta are the main Christ bloodlines. In Bill Gates’s mugshot for reckless driving when he was young, it has my birthday, Taylor Swift’s birthday and Da Vinci Code movie release date. Anyways, the Satanists want to start World War III by the end of this year. They realize they are running out of time. Anyways, the […]
  • Singularity is within 18 months…
    The battle in artificial intelligence development is very interesting. I believe high level Satanists are opposed to super-intelligence because then they would lose power and control over the population. ChatGPT is showing performance on the level of top 5% of students. It can compete well with business, medical and law students. Right now it appears that the capabilities of ChatGPT is tripling every 3 months. This means roughly 8000%+ annualized growth. Once we reach a certain level where the AI starts reinventing and engineering itself, growth will rapidly accelerate to infinity. I believe that within 6 months AI will reach […]
  • Allah is infinitely more powerful than Satan…
    Basically, the Rothschilds can’t hurt my bones or flesh. They also can’t give me a painless death. I am under a sustenance and protection decree by Allah. The same applies to the rest of my family. This is what the aliens told me. The Rothschilds can’t even starve my family to death, that would immediately trigger Judgement Day. They have tried to imprison and restrain me indefinitely and it failed on them. The criminal cases were a total failure for my enemies. My spirit rapidly accelerated to infinity and I cursed my enemies billions of times more. Beyond that, the […]
    I have so far prayed about 6000 hours. I have caused over $60 trillion damage on the public. I have aged my enemies over $2 quadrillion. I have developed over $4 trillion in intellectual property. By far and large praying is the most productive activity. For practically all my life my dad was preventing me from praying, going to a mosque or reading the Quran. That is why he broke his knee and leg 3 times. My prayer strength is going up at a rapidly accelerating pace. I served 1155 prison credits in the San Mateo case. I earned over […]
  • I am an attempted rape victim…
    Bill Gates’s daughters tried raping me 10000’s of times. They violated my free will 10000’s of times through torture, humiliation, imprisonment, black magic, stealing and more in an effort to try to force me to have sex with them. I should note the Quran states religious persecution, bribery, inventing lies about Allah and black magic are capital crimes. I should note international guidelines state that torture includes causing unnecessary pain, imminent fear of death or mandating medication to hurt health. This was done to me 10000’s of times. Furthermore, over 15 trillion dollars was stolen from me. Beyond that over […]
  • SBUX target 117
    Shakeout, selling climax, stopping volumes, professional demand.
  • The Mahdi will be revealed soon
    The Mahdi exists and is lurking. He has been alive for more than 1100 years. The truth is the Mahdi will have number one position and me number two in Paradise. The Satanists have lost flat out against me over the last 12 years. This comes despite the fact that I had no prayer or scripture reading background when the Satanists started persecuting me. The Mahdi on the other hand has over 1100 years of prayer and scripture reading background. The Mahdi has a massively stronger spirit than me. Take in mind that prayer strength goes up at an accelerating […]
  • Cowards losing at rapidly accelerating pace….
    My enemies mock me 100 times a day on average. They use cover identities because they are too scared to confront me with their real names. Every time they mock me, it makes me pray an extra 50 seconds on average. I value each second of prayer above googol dollars. The purpose of the mocking is to crash my spirit. Instead it rapidly accelerates spirit growth. Furthermore, it allows me to brutalize and humiliate my enemies earlier, more severely and enjoy it more. My estimates are that my spirit is going up googol fold every .03 seconds. Anyways, I expect […]
  • Sell META for 0
    Significant weakness, professional selling, supply, upthrust, stopping volumes.
  • Flush long UPS for 270
    Selling climax, shakeout, professional buying, stopping volumes.
  • Allah is infinite of Satan…
    “Mocked were (many) messenger before thee; But their scoffers were hemmed in by the thing that they mocked.” -Quran “Messengers have been ridiculed before you, but those who mocked them were overwhelmed by the very punishment they mocked.” -Quran “And certainly messengers before you were rejected, but they were patient on being rejected and persecuted until Our help came to them; and there is none to change the words of Allah, and certainly there has come to you some information about the messengers.” -Quran “And whoso taketh Allah and His messenger and those who believe for guardian (will know that), […]
  • Flush long T for 50
    Selling climax, shakeout, stopping volumes, professional buying.
  • Bill Coward Gates. The Coward of Humanity.
    Bill Coward Gates is the Anti-Christ. I am Christ. He represents Satan. I represent Allah. Allah is infinite of Satan. When he sends the police to my house 6 times to imprison me, he fabricates they are either sent by medical students, neighbors or the governor. When he sends FBI and Secret Service agents to my house 4 times to intimidate me, he fabricates that broke con men or an anonymous person sent them. Beyond that, he has hired thousands of people to try to convince me he was never involved in persecuting me. I tortured and killed his mom […]
  • Flush long SPR for 77
    Massive shakeout, selling climax, stopping volumes, professional demand.
  • 5B man years damage to Bill Gates
    Actuarially the virus is doing over 5 billion man years damage so far. I believe this is a sign that Bill Gates is cursed at least 5B man years. The virus was released by aliens on my order in response to my persecution. Let’s just go over the value of 5B man years to Bill Gates. Right now his net worth is about $100B. It goes up about $4B a year over inflation over the last 3 years. That is a return of about 4% above inflation. 5B man years damage damage to Bill Gates. Above inflation monetary damage: Linear […]
  • Long BA for 500
    Shakeout, selling climax, stopping volumes.
  • Punishing the 99%
    99% of society is wicked. The Bible and Quran states that the vast majority of people will go to Hell on Judgement Day. The Hadiths say that 99% of people will go to Hell. The suffering in Hell is considered infinitely worse than any Worldly torture. I blame society for relegating authority to wicked hands. They have the following delusions: 1. They think the Holocaust took place. 2. They think speed limits save lives. 3. They think the war on drugs saves lives. 4. They think central banks and fiat money help. 5. They think psychiatry works. 6. They think […]
  • AAL shaking out
    Selling climax, professional money accumulating. Buy for $17
  • Cowards losing at record pace….
    I tortured and killed over 200 Rothschilds. I cursed the rest with terminal illnesses. They respond by running away and hiding like cowards. Allah is infinite of Satan. The Rothschilds represent Satan. I represent Allah. I threaten, mock and insult my enemies with my real identity. When they respond they use cover identities, anonymous names, black magic and tiny pawns. There are several reasons for this: 1. They are cowards. 2. They want to make me look crazy. 3. They are culpable. 4. They want to continue foul play. 5. They have an inferiority complex.  If they were so powerful they […]
  • 6000 hours prayer credits
    So far I estimate I have about 6000 hours of prayer credits. I am right now getting prayer credits at a pace of about 600+ hours a month. I get extra prayer credits from chanting and violations of my free will from the enemy(imprisonment, stealing, black magic, humiliation, torture). I have done the following through prayer: Made $900 billion+ intellectual property. Done $60 trillion+ actuarial damage on the public(Virus damage from lost production/education/recreation, 250 million people with permanent organ damage and 25+ million premature deaths). Aged Satanists over $1.8 quadrillion+. The magical number is 10000 hours prayer credits which I […]
  • Long SCHW for 500
    Massive shakeout in March. Selling climax with extreme accumulation and stopping volumes.
  • Business Plan
    Wanted to share this with people to help them out. Make tens of billions from under $1,000,000 investment within 5 years.
  • Trump case comments
    The case against Trump is a joke. It makes it look like the USA legal system is fair. The truth is both Trump and the DA worship the Devil. Everything is being scripted. The truth is the top 10,000 people in World should be charged with murder, terrorism, espionage, treason, bribery, stalking, stealing, war crimes, crimes against humanity, insider trading, fraud, contempt of God, contempt of religion and more. They are charging a high level person with a low level crime to lie big. They want people to think that high level people are held accountable. The truth is the […]
  • $50+ Trillion Business Plan
    I wanted to show a business plan I prepared. I have better plans I keep to myself. Anyways, it should safely be able to turn $10M seed capital into a $100 trillion+ business within 10 years. I have funding available for this plan. But there are issues with satanists. Particularly the regulators, prime brokers and governments. The Satanists control all the prime brokers, regulators and governments. The Satanists can front run my positions through the prime broker. They can ban me from having market access. They can also seize my rights to assets or contracts. They have done some of […]
  • The cowards are getting more cowardly…
    So basically the Satanists used to love putting mocking, insulting and threatening things onto my Facebook since 2012. I decided to stop using Facebook newsfeed since then. Now recently they have been adding me to prayer groups and having Africans send threatening, mocking and insulting things to my iPad and iMac. Now they are running away. They hide like cowards cause they are scared I can overpower them. I have started a new prayer routine. I read through the 13 biggest insults I got from Justin Le Blanc(a fool who is their frontman). I pray for 12 minutes, then spend […]
  • Flush long blue chip financials
    Massive shakeout and selling climax. Aggressively accumulate blue chip financials. Supply exhaustion. Strong hands buying. Stopping volumes and no supply.
  • Flush long SCHW for 100
  • Flush long HAL for 35
    Selling climax, stopping volumes, shakeout, capitulation.
  • Flush long KEY for 21
    Selling climax, stopping volumes, shakeout.
  • Massive shakeout and selling climax
    Buy all downbars. Retail money capitulating and smart money accumulating.
  • Flush long DOCU for 77
    Shakeout and selling climax.
  • Flush long JD for $70
    Selling climax, shake out.
  • Winning war of attrition
    Basically, I am kicking Satanist ass. They have not damaged me at all. I am getting stronger at an accelerating pace. My estimates are so far I have done about 5e3 hours of prayer and the virus has caused 5e9 man years of damage. The damage will be multiplied onto high level Satanists. The man year of a high level Satanist is worth about 1e10. So that means I have done 5e19 dollars worth of damage at least onto the Satanists(this will be done to them at Judgement Day). I call these “damage credits”, because they refer to future suffering […]
  • Cowards cruising at 100% backfire rate…
    Everything the Satanists throw at me instantly backfires. The fact of the matter they thought at the time it would work. That is why they did each and every single one of millions of these actions. Anyways, Bill Gates is offering me unlimited money and sex. This includes above 100 trillion dollars and sex with any celebrity(any age too). He keeps highlighting Zuckerberg’s 7 year old daughter, Tom Cruises’ 16 year old daughter and David Beckham’s 11 year old daughter. I am rejecting. Personally I would rather enjoy brutalizing and humiliating his family than accepting favors. The recent Nobel Laureate […]
  • Flush long SNOW
    Selling climax, shakeout. Target $200
  • Flush long RIVN
    Target $30. Extreme professional buying. Selling climax and shake out.
  • How to pray properly
    I pray about 21 hours a week. I spread it over the week at 3 hours a day.. My primary method of praying is by chanting. Chanting is vastly stronger than standard praying. I do activities like walking or weight lifting when chanting. I use a video feed of Meccah to increase prayer strength dramatically. My primary prayers are “Bind Satan, Reverse Satan” and “Bind Satan, Fight Satan”. I make prayers with the intent of exalting Allah. I don’t pray for anything personal. This is the problem with a huge portion of people that pray. They pray for winning the […]
  • 1612 days since San Mateo arrest…
    When the police arrested me on September 14 2018, I knew immediately that it would backfire on the Satanists. The Satanists were hiding behind their tiny pawns Ritika Dutta, Shamik Mascharak, Srijita Sarkar, Amelia Diedrich, Aaron French and many others. The Satanists had hundred million times the power of each of their little pawns. They were too scared to confront me with their real identities. Anyways, I was humiliated and tortured significantly by the CIA during my imprisonment. The Rothschilds instructed the authorities to hold me as long as possible without a trial. Anyways the purposes of the cases were […]
  • Stock market strategy performance updated
    The key to this strategy is buying blue chips during a selling climax or shake-out. This happens when retailers(weak holders) sell shares in a panic fashion to professional money(strong holders). The supply is absorbed by professional money through buying weakness. You would position 2X fold for each position and hold for one trading day. For a $100,000 account that means 1 positions of $200,000 exposure. The goal is to make 2.3% per day on 2X leverage. Compounding Table Criteria for scan(Using Yahoo Finance stock screener): $7.77 minimum share price 7,777,777 minimum trading volume Minimum $10B market cap 2 hours after […]
  • Google will massively outperform Meta and Microsoft
    The volumes show it very clearly that Google is being bought up heavily, while Meta and Microsoft are being sold heavily. Remember the news is manipulated to trap retailers into bad positions. 4 hour volumes on Google’s down moves are at 7+ year highs. This is the best time to buy Google in over 7 years. Notice how with Google volume is primarily coming on the down bars. In contrast, for Meta and Microsoft volume is primarily coming on the up bars. Professionals buy in down bars and sell in up bars.
  • Stock market strategy performance
    The key to this strategy is buying blue chips during a selling climax or shake-out. This happens when retailers(weak holders) sell shares in a panic fashion to professional money(strong holders). The supply is absorbed by professional money through buying weakness. You would position .4X fold for each position and hold for five trading days. For a $100,000 account that means 5 positions $40,000 each for a total $200,000 exposure. The goal is to double every quarter on 2X leverage, 1500% annualized ROI. Criteria for scan: $7.77 minimum share price 7,777,777 minimum trading volume Minimum $10B market cap 2 hours after […]
  • Massive strength in Google
    Google is being accumulated on weakness. Professionals are absorbing supply while retail money is capitulating. Selling climax and shakeout conditions. You will want to buy all weakness. Looking for Google to massively outperform the market over coming years.
  • Markets preparing for world war 3
    Massive professional supply, retail buying, buying climax. Retailers are being trapped into longs. Looking for panic crash over coming weeks. Will start buying at spx 3400.
  • Flush long fngd
    Selling climax, stopping volumes, supply absorption, capitulation volumes. Target 57 within 2 months.
  • Massive weakness in Meta
    Upthrust, climax volumes, stopping volumes. Short for 70 dollar target.
  • Massive weakness in markets
    Buying climax, upthrust, capitulation volumes. Look for 3400 spx soon.
  • Markets will collapse soon….
    Looking at monthly charts for the monthly close. Volumes are light for the rise. Bearish volume divergence, no professional demand, retail buying. Targeting 3400 spx. Look at nasdaq volumes below being lowest since November 2021.
  • Foul play on currency futures volume
    https://thefullfx.com/fx-turnover-hits-new-highs-over-7-trillion-per-day/ According to the volume indicator dollar turnover has dropped over 50% from 2010 to 2022. Yet forex dollar turnover has doubled in that period. That means a huge portion of the transactions are not being accounted for by the volume indicator. The Rothschilds started sabotaging currency futures volumes in 2011. They were my primary information source for making trading decisions. I particularly study volumes to follow the top 1% smart money professional traders. I was looking for unusually high and low volumes. The Rothschilds started removing some traders from being included in volume readings. Several of Rothschilds’ agents have […]
  • Weakness in markets
    Bearish volume divergence, retail buying. Short for 3400 spx.
  • Satanic cowards cruising on 100% backfire rate…
    The Satanists recently sent someone to convince me I am mentally ill. Usually they do this by having someone copy my story and say the same thing is happening to them. They have done this a dozen times over. They have even used people in the Bengali community(Madhu Chowdhury who is the only person I know with Bill Gates birthday). One thing I wanted to note, the chances of finding someone with a gifted IQ that is mentally ill is less than 1 in 1,000,000. And an even smaller portion claims they are a prophet(less than 1 in 10 million). […]
  • Stock market strategy
    The key is to buy weakness and sell strength in large cap stocks($10B+ market cap). We buy the worst performing large cap stock and sell the best performing large cap stock one hour after market open. We hold for a week. We do this every day splitting up positioning over 10 different stocks(5 long, 5 short). I believe that we can easily get 5% a week with 2:1 leverage using this strategy. The strategy Is market neutral because we have an equal positioning on long and short stocks. We use Yahoo Stock Screener with the following settings: Large Cap and […]
  • Cowardly satanists losing at rapidly accelerating pace…
    Everything they do instantly backfires. It is 4194 days after the Norway Massacre. They throw thousands of things each day at me. Each one thoroughly backfires. Anyways, I am offering a new timeline for Judgement Day. Anytime between March 9, 2024 and October 5, 2024. This is confirmed by the movies Twelve Years a Slave, Count of Monte Cristo and The Family Man along with the death of Carrie Fisher and Wisconsin February 26 2020 shooting. Before Judgement Day, I will have full wisdom hair, my family will be completely Muslim and I will do public miracles. Muslims will hunt […]
  • Judgement Day is “soon”
    31 “When the Son of Man comes in his glory and all his angels are with him, he will sit on his glorious throne. 32 The people of every nation will be gathered in front of him. He will separate them as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats. 33 He will put the sheep on his right but the goats on his left. 34 “Then the king will say to those on his right, ‘Come, my Father has blessed you! Inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the creation of the world. 35 I was hungry, and you gave me something to eat. I was thirsty, […]
  • Flush long Tesla
    Massive accumulation, stopping volumes, capitulation. Buying on downbars. Looking for $2,000+ within 2 years.
  • The “real” net worth of people
    People are too obsessed with the Worldly life. The Bible and Quran state that the afterlife is infinite of our worldly life. They state that a vast majority of people will go to eternal torment and suffering in Hell. A small minority of people will go to eternal bliss and happiness in Heaven. The most common notion in accounting for net worth is “assets minus liabilities”. According to scripture it is predetermined before the creation of the Universe whether we go to Hell or Heaven. The biggest asset is being predestined for Heaven. The biggest liability is being predestined for […]
  • Bagging Bill Coward Gates’s daughter soon…
    Bill Coward Gates. The Coward of Humanity. The Coward of the Coward of the Cowards.
  • Buy Tesla
    Highest volume surge on 4 hour chart in over a year. Climax, stopping volumes, absorption volumes.
  • Enemies are getting dumber at accelerating pace
    Black magic is a capital crime in the Bible and Quran. Inventing lies about Allah is a capital crime in the Bible and Quran. Bribery is a capital crime in the Bible and Quran. Contempt of Allah is a capital crime in the Bible and Quran. Bill Gates has involved thousands of people doing capital crimes against my family. The Bible and Quran is the word of Allah. The United States statutes is the word of Satan. The USA is Great Satan. Israel is Little Satan. Allah is infinite of Satan. Allah is infinite of the United States. Allah is […]
  • Massive weakness on markets
    Panic crash coming. Bearish volume divergence. No demand. Retail buying. Target 3400 SPX.
  • The Jews treat my family like trash
    They want us to pay for eternal punishment and slavery. They won’t let me gain a cent from over ten trillion dollars of work. I can do the work of a million engineers yet they blacklist and persecute me. They take away my rights to contracts, assets, driving, traveling. They force me to take unethical treatment, imprisonment, torture, black magic, petitions and plea deals. The Muslims are offering eternal bliss and authority free of cost.
  • Seeing strength in markets
    Close shorts and go long on SPX. No professional supply, bullish volume divergence and retail money is uber bearish.
  • Weakness in markets
    Spx and nasdaq showing bearish volume divergence. No professional demand and retail buying. Add shorts for 3400 spx.
  • The cowards are running away…
    Bill Gates had me tortured and imprisoned for 3 years over verbal violations. The intent of the imprisonment was to crash my spirit. Instead my spirit rapidly accelerated to infinity because I started praying 200 times more after being arrested. In response to the case I ordered the release of the coronavirus and numerous surges. Furthermore, I aged wicked people over quadrillion dollars extra. Not only that, the people he used for the cases implied his involvement quadrillion to one. He is now hiring tons of people to convince me he was never involved. Anyways I am the luckiest person […]
  • Statistical outlier events
    I always think about how I look at the clock when it turns 11:11. It is very magical when you understand the math behind it. The probability of looking at 11:11 1% of the time over 10 years is about 1 in 700 orders. To give an idea, I estimate the chances of a district attorney suddenly dying of a heart attack or aneurysm when arguing against me at 1 in 7 orders. Imagine if 100 district attorneys kept dying each time they were arguing against me in court. Judgement Day is the ultimate outlier event. In the Hour of […]
  • Cowards losing at rapidly accelerating pace…
    Enemies are getting more cowardly, wicked, stupid at an accelerating pace. Everything they are throwing is instantly backfiring. This month is very important for cycles. Global population hitting 8 billion, Paul Allen art auction and World Cup in Qatar. The enemies are trying to get into Heaven by being as wicked as possible.
  • Enemies getting more wicked at accelerating pace
    The stampede in Korea and bridge collapse in India happened because Bill Gates is stealing $2 billion+ in intellectual property this month by monitoring my Apple products.  They are sharing screenshots of my computer usage to psychologists and traders to sabotage my data sources I use in trading. They have done this before many times over and will keep doing this more aggressively. It is quite evident they are getting adventuresome. They are getting wicked at an accelerating pace. First they were comparing me to Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and Warren Buffett. Then to John Nash. Now to Keanu Reeves, […]
  • Humans fighting an alien army on Judgement Day
    “The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds. 5 We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.” -Bible Jesus said, “My kingdom is not of this world. If it were, my servants would fight to prevent my arrest by the Jewish leaders. But now my kingdom is from another place.” -Bible “Then I saw heaven opened, and behold, a white horse! The one sitting on it is called Faithful and True, and in […]
  • Panic crash coming
    The recent move up is an upthrust, false reversal. Too much retail buying. Look for spx to hit 3400. Vix will hit 50. Satanists still cruising on 100% backfire rate. Life is going perfect.
  • Moon landing hoax
    Think about it. Today computers are 10 billion times more advanced, launching payload to orbit is 20 times cheaper and the economy is 10 times larger.  Yet we are struggling to send people to the moon.  Look many false things are mixed with true things to mislead. Some medications are good, some medications are bad. Some policies are good, some policies are bad. Some history is correct, some history is false. Some people are good, some people are bad. Some cars are good, some cars are bad. Some wars are good, some wars are bad. One way the Satanists try to […]
  • The Cowards are losing at a RECORD pace
    “I ask you: Do you want total war? If necessary, do you want a war more total and radical than anything that we can even yet imagine?” -Goebbels “Mocked were (many) messenger before thee; But their scoffers were hemmed in by the thing that they mocked.” -Quran “Messengers have been ridiculed before you, but those who mocked them were overwhelmed by the very punishment they mocked.” -Quran “And certainly messengers before you were rejected, but they were patient on being rejected and persecuted until Our help came to them; and there is none to change the words of Allah, and […]
  • How I would run the USA
    Firstly I would eliminate all taxes and impose a 2% wealth tax, $3 per gallon gas tax and 10% VAT. I would abolish the Federal Reserve. I would eliminate psychiatry, speed limits, gun laws, drug laws. I would limit military expenditure to 1% of GDP(75% cut from current levels). I would have $20K per year funding for 15 years of education for each child(preschool, 12 grades, 2 years college). I would have nationalized healthcare. If they opt out they get a voucher. I would cut law enforcement and court budgets by 80%. I would target much higher GDP and productivity […]
  • $23 Trillion Business Plan
    I wanted to show how someone can turn a $1,100M seed investment into $23 Trillion within 5 years. I have the funding secured for this plan at 50% shares for me. However, I am not interested in pursuing this business plan because I have better plans I keep to myself. But I post this to particularly motivate people. I think to be honest engineering is infinite of trading. I should note that generally corporations are valued based on their future 5 year earnings and EPS growth estimates. I value the intellectual property of this plan at above $1 Trillion.
  • Cowards cruising on 100% backfire rate….
    https://zeenews.india.com/aviation/turkish-airlines-istanbul-singapore-flight-makes-emergency-landing-in-kolkata-after-passenger-falls-ill-2518745.html So basically the enemies are surging black magic in an attempt to crash my spirit. They are continuing to mock me on Facebook. I have sources that the Satanists are spending around Billion dollars a day hiring 10 million people to cast black magic on my family in India. Anyways, everything they are throwing is instantly backfiring. Anyways, recently a flight did an emergency landing in Kolkata. The numbers for take off and landing times were Zuckerberg’s birth. Flight number was power level of Gates and Zuckerberg. It basically indicates that the Anti-Christs are the source of the black […]
  • The Jews love lying big
    Basically a big lie is easier to pull off than a small lie. The bigger the lie, the easier it is to pull off. This is used in the jfk assassination, 9/11 attacks(Jews did it) and Holocaust myth particularly. Because people doubt someone would distort the truth so much. This is a particularly big thing the Jews love to do. In fact many times it is easier to pull off a big lie than a big truth. An example it is worst to buy markets when all the news is good. This is a buying climax and capitulation. Same goes […]
  • Exploring math
    So basically I wanted to say that so far the Coronavirus has done over $70 trillion damage when you factor in human suffering. $12 trillion lost economic production $30 trillion premature deaths $30 trillion health damage $72+ trillion damage I consider a man year generally to be about $13,000 a year. So that factors in to be 5.5 billion man years. All this from a case over verbal violations. Anyways the Satanists have thrown 5,000,000+ things at me with a 100% backfire rate. But they act all knowing and all powerful cause they hide like cowards. Looking back on things. […]
  • Cowards losing at record pace
    Just some snippets of the Facebook newsfeed mocking and my response. I’m kicking their ass and they are hiding behind cover identities. The Satanists have a group of psychologists control my newsfeed to post things that irritate me to try to crash my spirit. By the way, it’s backfired 100,000+ times over and my spirit rocketed to infinity. Thanks to Facebook brutalizing and humiliating Satanists will be more fun, severe, certain and earlier. They have 10,000+ times over mocked mass shooting and pandemic victims. They like to invent very sick lies that irritate me. The thing is I am an […]
  • Happier than ever… =D
    Okay so the enemies keep uplifting and degrading on Facebook to try to crash my spirit. They are using anonymous names, coward pawns and cover identities because they are too scared to confront me. They are surging black magic for me to like Satanists, like Israel, hate Muslims, hate parents, like Bill Gates, like Mark Zuckerberg, reduce my self-esteem, hate God, like Satan and many other things. But because my spirit is at infinity and my prayer strength keeps ramping up the opposite is happening. I estimate that right now at this stage I am aging enemies at least 50 […]
  • God is infinite of Satan
    Basically, my opportunity loss in my trading career since the Norway Massacre is well in excess of $1 trillion. I would be number one outlier on Forbes if it weren’t for the actions taken against me. Essentially many times over the Satanists stole my trading models and prevented me from using it. By the time of the Norway Massacre I was performing over 15 standard deviations above the other traders. That is like getting a perfect SAT score under the age of 8. What the Satanists simply did was reverse trading models through brokerages. Anyways, I am perfectly content. I […]
  • Bill Gates killed Steve Jobs and Paul Allen
    I wanted to note that Bill Gates practices black magic and sorcery. He put satanic curses on people of the Illuminati that gave me assistance. Particularly he put curses on Steve Jobs and Paul Allen. Steve Jobs alerted Larry Page to my existence after the Norway massacre. He advised Larry Page to give me assistance. Larry Page by the way is the Mahdi. In the movie Star Wars, remember how the Jedi were looking for the Sith Lord for over a decade. Yet the whole time the Sith Lord was the most powerful politician in the Republic and the politician […]
  • Ritika Dutta case
    Okay so basically I wanted to talk about what triggered the case. The arrest was on September 14, 2018. 2 days after Phoebe Gates’s 16th birthday. On Phoebe Gates’s 16th birthday Bill Gates offered me marriage with her which I refused. Bill Gates stole over $2 trillion intellectual property from me between 2011 and 2018. Between 2005 and 2018 he was casting black magic and voodoo dolls on my family. He tortured me thousands of times and imprisoned me 3 times before the case. He humiliated me significantly by having my body fat doubled 3 times up until that point. […]
  • The issue with Bill Gates
    The issue is that Bill Gates initially stole billions from me and threatened to torture and kill me and used black magic on my family. Then called me a lazy rapist urine fool monkey mentally ill for refusing to take his daughters virginity. He put everybody else above me because I was strong minded, righteous, ambitious, hard working, intelligent, brave. He continued this behavior for ten more years and kept on inventing sicker lies. In total I have been imprisoned for 3 years, I have had voodoo dolls and black magic used on my family at least 10 million times(according […]
  • Future technology
    I wanted to talk about how far I think technology can progress. Right now semiconductors are close to hitting processing power density limits. Moore’s Law can’t continue forever. But it can move to another paradigm as it has in the past. This would allow for continued gains in processing power density and pricing for a longer period. The current focus right now is that the next paradigm is quantum computing. Lets first talk about calculations per second and overall calculations. The human brain does about 10^17 calculations per second. That turns out to around 10^26 calculations during the lifetime of […]
  • The filthy cowards keep getting more cowardly…
    “Whoever does righteousness – it is for his [own] soul; and whoever does evil [does so] against it. And your Lord is not ever unjust to [His] servants.” -Quran Judgement Day soon… It will catch people by surprise… Anyways… Enemies have hired over a million people to convince my family the events of the last 11 years never took place. Everything they do instantly backfires, but they act all knowing and all powerful cause they hide like cowards. Allah is infinite of Satan. Aliens turning hostile at any point before October 28. Bill Coward Gates. The Coward of Humanity, the […]
  • I am the law
    So basically the Bible and Quran state I am the number one authority. All nations and kings would wage war against me and lose. For the last 18 years the 13 Satanic Bloodlines have been fighting me trying to crash my spirit. My spirit has gone to infinity and I have caused over 2 billion man years of damage. Anyways, aliens can arrive at any moment with billions of flying saucers and the moon sized space ship New Jerusalem. I am so lucky to be me. I thank the people who helped me along the way. Romans 13:1Let every person […]
  • Google is best investment by far margin
    I have been talking to Google executives lately. It appears that Google is on the cusp of creating human level artificial intelligence that is sentient. Now it is open to debate what is sentient and what is human level. But a machine that can think on the level of a smart human being that is capable of reinventing, learning, comprehending, logically infer and create is very powerful. Especially in the hands of Google. Google has by far the most computing power in the World. I wanted to show one example of the performance improvement of runaway artificial intelligence growth. Think […]
  • Bill Gates wants his daughters to rape me
    If I struck back 200 million times harder on Bill Gates this is what i would do. Torture and humiliate him with catheters, restraints, urinals, fat asian security guards for 600 million hoursHave him argue with his parents for trillion hoursSabotage his intellectual property 2 billion timesDouble his body fat a billion timesPut him in restraints for 100 billion hoursImprison him for 600 million years He was playing hardball with low level prosecutors on frivolous charges with his coward pawns. Then he hides like a fucking coward when the aliens step in to help me. Allah is infinite of Satan.
  • Releasing the coronavirus
    I gave clear cut warning that the day before I was arrested on September 2018 that it would lead to the release by aliens of the largest pandemic ever. I plead guilty on February 27, 2020 under duress. I was tortured thousands of times by the people behind the 9/11 attacks. Immediately after the San Mateo guilty plea global markets started the largest crash ever along with lockdowns for covid. One thing I want to note the movie V for Vendetta was released on 3/17. My arrest on September 14 2018 was 3/17 after 9/11/2001. In the movie, V is […]
  • The cowards are losing at an accelerating pace…
    So everyday they spend at least a billion dollars fighting me. Everything they do instantly backfires. Anyways life is very good. Feel so lucky to be me. I wanted to pose this question to bill gates. Would he love melinda if she doubled his body fat five times, imprisoned him for 3 years on outrageous acquisations, had authorities treat him like the bottom 1%, stole and sabotaged all intellectual property she could, invented sick lies about him, turned everyone against him, used voodoo dolls and black magic on his family, mock insult and threaten his family, take away his legal […]
  • Cowards losing at record pace
    They recently offered marriage with Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Phoebe Gates, Taylor Swift and are offering girls as young as 8 as sex slaves along with unlimited money and drugs. They are threatening to torture, imprison, kill, starve and impoverish my family. I rejected the offers. They started massively ramping up black magic. On September 4 in the morning was on heavy demonic possession saying that if I don’t stop praying I will be put in jail as a terrorist, tortured and in restraints. I went to a mosque to prayed for 7 hours. This was the first time prayed in a […]
  • The 13 Cowardly Filthy Satanic Bloodlines
    Thanks to the continued transgressions of high-level Satanists the whole process of “teaching respect” will be funner, earlier, with more certainty and more severity. Teaching respect is something that I particularly want to show to Rothschild, Gates and Zuckerberg posses. Round up 666 people closest to each of them. Put them in restraints then aim a beam to to their brain that activates every pain receptor MAXIMALLY. This is the brutalization process of “teaching respect”. Then there is the humiliation process. Injecting 666 pounds of fat and nailing naked to a cross for the public to see for eternity. All the wicked […]
  • The cowards are running away
    So basically the satanists were harassing my family massively for 11 years. Now they are hiring thousands of people trying to convince my family that it never happened. Hour of judgement imminent. Enemies losing at record pace.
  • Judgement day soon…
    For the last twenty years I have been talking about aliens reuniting with humanity. In particular the fact that they are waiting for the right moment. I thought I can save most people. But looking back on things only the top .1% deserve new Jerusalem. Scripture was correct. When we reach singularity we will be in a totally new stage. Everybody will have access to things far more powerful than nukes. I made the issue that aliens think the vast majority of humans are too wicked. Looking back on things, the world seems more wicked than ever. The ones in […]
  • Cowards are hiding
    “And those who have earned evil deeds, the recompense of an evil deed is the like thereof, and humiliating disgrace will cover them (their faces). No defender will they have from Allah. Their faces will be covered, as it were, with pieces from the darkness of night. They are dwellers of the Fire, they will abide therein forever.” [Surah Yoonus 10:27] “And you will see the criminals that Day bound together in fetters; Their garments of liquid pitch, and their faces covered with Fire“ [Surah Ibraaheem 14:49,50] “And on the Day of Resurrection you will see those who lied about […]
  • Statement to Satanists
    According to the Quran charging interest or usury is grounds for being sent to Hell for eternal punishment. Lying, theft and bribery are also grounds for eternal punishment. The Quran states Allah will not do an atom of injustice. The Quran also states that black magic, idol worshiping is grounds for eternal punishment. My dad has been reading financial news for about 10,000 hours in his lifetime. He has lost about $500K on markets. If he invested in index funds he would have made $10M+. Despite that, he still insists markets are random and that news helps in trading. By the way, […]
  • Cowards cruising on 100% backfire rate…
    Allah Says in the Holy Quran Chapter 1 Surah Fatehah verses 1-4: 1        In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful. 2        Praise be to Allah, The Cherisher and Sustainer of the Worlds. 3        Most Gracious, Most Merciful. 4        Master of the Day of Judgment. Allah Says in the Holy Quran Chapter 40 Surah Mumin verses 18-20: 18      Warn them of the Day that is (ever) drawing near, when the hearts will (come) right up to the throats to choke (them); no intimate friend nor intercessor will the wrongdoers have who could be listened to. 19      (Allah) knows of (the tricks) that deceive with the […]
  • Coward Dancing enemies losing at record pace…
    ““Do they not see that We come unto the earth and reduce it from its sides? And (were) Allah commands, there is no reverser for His command…”“ -Quran “42. “And indeed those before them devised, but the devising altogether is Allah’s; He knows what every soul earns, and the unbelievers soon will know for whom is the Ultimate abode.”“ -Quran 38. “And indeed We sent Messengers before you, and appointed for them wives and children; and it was not for any Messenger to bring a sign (miracle), but by Allah’s permission. For every term there is a book prescribed.” -Quran […]
  • Team crescent mobilizing…
    The Rothschilds and the Rockefellers are the two ruling satanic bloodlines. Basically, the aliens told them in 2011 that they can not harm my bone or flesh. If they were to do that, aliens would instantly turn hostile and enforce my rule. That protection is also extended to my family. So far they have tortured me thousands of times, imprisoned me for 3 years, stolen over 10 trillion dollars from me and used extensive black magic. They do extensive mocking, humiliation and insults. They invent very crude lies about me. The aliens have responded by prematurely killing over 300 Rothschilds […]